Octava Inc. adds ARC enabled audio processor and EDID manager to its range of HDMI connectivity solutions.

Connect your ARC enabled TV to your legacy AV Amp for stereo or 5.1 audio using the HD11-ARC

The Octava HD11-ARC allows system Installers to integrate ARC enabled TV’s with non-ARC enabled AV Amplifiers, Surround Sound Systems and Soundbar Speaker systems! Additionally the HD11-ARC allows Installers to set and store pre-configured EDID settings to enable them to force HDMI or DVI equipped Sources devices to Output the preferred Video resolution and Audio format to best suit the connected system!

1x1 HDMI Audio Processor:

HDMI Input x 1

HDMI Output x 1

TOSLINK Optical Digital audio Output x 1

1x1 HDMI EDID emulator:

Rear mounted USB port for simple PC programming and connectivity

Free PC programming app.

Free Online EDID library

Custom EDID creation


3D compatible

1080p60/50/24 compatible

Rear Mounted Wired IR port for discrete installation

Front Toggle Switch to select between HDMI Source or ARC audio to be Output on the TOSLINK Optical connector.

Optional mounting lugs (supplied)

Credit Card style remote for audio Source selection (HDMI or ARC)

Discrete IR codes for simple system integration

New uprated 5v 2.5Amp PSU with UK, EU or US adapter

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Design and Manufacturer of HDMI Switch, Distribution and Extender gear for the Home Theatre, Multi-room and AV market.